Exploration of Oil and Gas at wellsite JSR 1 at Patardzeuli field - 2018-2019 year.

 Place of loading:
Sartichala Village, Gardabani region, Georgia.

Country of delivery:
Zhirnovsk, Volgogradsky region, Russia.


Operator: Schlumberger Company limited

Customer: Eurasia Drilling Company Limited (EDC) group.   


Key Logistics Data:
 Demobilization of Oil Rig ZJ-50(E213) from Sartichala Village, Gardabani region, wellsite JSR-1 located at Patardzeuli field, Georgia to  Zhirnovsk, Volgogradsky region, Russia.


Total weight: 1950 kg.


Scope of services: Preparation of documentation, temporary export customs formalities (re-export), combined transportation of rail and road. OOG calculations, drawings, arranging railway agreements, road / rail freight.